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Volunteer in Ugenda

volunteer in uganda

If you want to spend your vacations in a meaningful way then you need to choose Uganda as a volunteer destination. Uganda famously called “The Pearl of Africa” is one of the most beautiful countries in the Africa with fantastic natural sceneries, beautiful lakeshores and concentrated range of African fauna which includes gorilla and chimpanzees. It is home to Lake Victoria, the largest lake of Africa. Here you will find many bustling open markets, lush subsistence farming, charming rural villages, and multitude of national parks. However, a part of all the stunning locations, Uganda is a pot of many problems. It has one of the highest rates of orphans in the world. It is mainly due to the terrible HIV epidemic. The poor people lack access to even basic needs such as healthcare facilities, basic education for children, and voluntary HIV counseling and testing. Therefore we at GVS started different volunteering programs in different cities of Uganda to help the poor people. We are inviting more volunteers with a kind heart to join our hands in making a positive change in the Ugandan’s lives. Our volunteering programs allow you to participate in community service while exploring the beautiful country, its people and its wonderful culture. Ugandans are very friendly and hostile people and love to serve their guests. Volunteering in Uganda is a unique way for you to totally immerse yourself in East African culture.

Current GVS programs in Uganda

GVS host many programs in Uganda and you can choose any of them where you think you can fit in well. These programs are:

Only Volunteer Programs
Working in orphanages
This project is especially designed for kindhearted people who love to share their time with young children. You, as a volunteer in this project can provide much needed help to the orphan children of Uganda.

Teaching English in Uganda
Come and teach English to the poor children of Uganda and enable them to face the world confidently. These are the students that come from poor families and have limited opportunities to get good education.

Working at local clinics and hospitals
Here is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to gain work experience in medical field while dedicating their energy and time to the poor people of Uganda who do not even have basic healthcare facilities.

Work in HIV/AIDS project
If you are willing to share your time and love with the HIV/AIDS infected people of Uganda to give them hope and assure them that they can also live productive lives even with AIDS, then this project is for you. Every time you spend in the project is invaluable.