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Volunteer in Thailand

volunteer in thailand

Thailand is an eye-catching land occupied with mountains, plains, white sandy beaches, and lush forests. Bangkok is the capital city and center of political, commercial, industrial and cultural activities. Thai culture is influenced from India, China and rest of the Southeast Asia. Modern Thailand contrasts the influence of the West with its many ancient beliefs, and is an interesting place to experience while you are volunteering. Thailand offers a unique taste of culture, vivid pictures of Thai life, golden temples, and exotic sights for visitors. Like most Asian cultures, respect towards ancestors is a vital part of Thai religious practice. Thais have a strong sense of warmth and kindness. The Thai language is Thailand's national language. Though English is widely taught in schools, its use is not widespread throughout the country.

Thailand has some of the most gorgeous and lively cities and tourist attractions in the world. Thailand is a place where the past meets the present and creates an ambience that is both charming in its Oriental appeal and exciting in its permissiveness. No matter where you travel in Thailand, you are bound to run into ancient palaces, shrines and Buddhist temples. The islands and beach resorts in Thailand are a retreat for water sports and adventure sports enthusiasts. The rainforests in Thailand hold the key to the heart of nature lovers with Koh Samet Marine National Park, Ao Phang Nga National Park, and Khao Yai National Park.

Events and festivals in Thailand showcase the tradition, natural resource, and progressive frame of mind. Bangkok International Film Festival, Chinese New Year Celebrations, Pattaya Music Festival, Toh Moh Goddess Shrine Festival, Samui Carnival, King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament, Sukhothai Loi Krathong Festival, and Chiang Mai Flower Festival are just some of the festivals that blend Thailand's past with its present. Global Volunteers Solutions offers great prospects to its volunteers to experience Thai culture, to take part in new and exciting ways of life and support local society. As a volunteer in Thailand you will have the chance to get beneath the country, and discover the exceptionally friendly people and unique culture that define this beautiful country.

Available Thailand Programs Options
Working in orphanages
You need to consider this program in order to makes a life changing difference in the lives of orphaned, abandoned and abused children by helping to provide them your love care and time. All these children hunger for attention and someone who cares.

Working in Child development centers
The aim of this program is to serve children of low-income working parents who cannot afford to hire nannies for their children or send them to private nurseries. So they drop their children in child development center before they go to work and then picked them up in the evening.
Teaching English in Buddhist Temple School Project
Teaching at a Buddhist temple provides a unique opportunity for you to fully involve yourself with temple life and experience a wonderful cultural insight into Buddhism while serving the local community by teaching English.

Work with babies / joy of homes
Babies' home is a shelter or home for all the newborn babies who are left by their families due to poverty in hospitals or other public places. These children are deprived of suitable care. You have the opportunity to work with them and in return get back enormous satisfaction.

Teaching in Primary and Secondary School
This program gives you the chance to make a meaningful contribution to the children of Thailand by teaching them English, and at the same time gain an in depth experience of the country and its culture that will stay with you the rest of your life.

Work for elderly care home
This properly designed project warmly welcomes volunteers who are interested to use their education, skills and time making meaningful contribution in the lives of innocent elderly people of Thailand and make their life worth living.

Work with street children
The aim of this program is to give equal right to the children living in the streets who don't have anyone to look after them. Your participation may help the street children to prepare for a better life in the future and to integrate them in the society more.