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Volunteer in Tanzania

volunteer in tanzania

Volunteering to Tanzania is a good way to set out an unforgettable journey. Tanzania is a unique destination in the Africa. It is famous for its dramatic natural features. The exotic island of Zanzibar, the famous Serengeti national park, the highest mountain peak in Africa - the Kilimanjaro, and certainly the best wildlife photographic safaris on the continent attracts thousands of tourists every year. But despite of the stunning beauty, Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is facing many economic and social issues. Women here are more vulnerable as they are considered lower in status when compared to men. Poverty strikes the life of Tanzanians in many ways. Many poor people do not have access to good education, good food and even basic healthcare services. HIV/AIDS is another burning issue which causes a large number of deaths. And as a result a lot of children have become orphans. Thus the beautiful image of Tanzania is gradually changing into an unpleasant image. Therefore, at GVS we are running several support programs in different cities of Tanzania to give helping hand to poor people. People here are so hostile and welcoming that once you interact with them, you will never want to leave them. By volunteering with us you have the chance to help the local Tanzanian through your knowledge whilst exploring the beauty of country which is blessed with many natural resources.

Current GVS programs in Tanzania

We are presently running following programs in Tanzania. You can choose any of them that fix in your interest and skills. These are:

Working in orphanages
Share your love and care with the children who need it the most and get reward. Working at orphanage is a fantastic opportunity for you to discover a country, its culture and people while doing a meaningful job.

Handicapped children project
Spend your time with physically and mentally handicapped children to offer them a bright future and help them to find a place in society through education and empowerment. Caring and kindhearted people are highly welcome for this program.

Teaching English in Tanzania
Teaching English in Tanzania is one of the most popular and interesting option for volunteers. While volunteering, you will be teaching English to the students eager to learn from international volunteers.

Working at local clinics in Tanzania
This is a perfect opportunity for you, if you are looking for valuable hands-on medical experience, while helping poor people of Tanzania with life threatening illness. This will broaden your healthcare elective or placement experience.

Work in HIV/AIDS project
The project aims to provide the children and local people of Tanzania the opportunities to live in such environment that is free from the threats of HIV/AIDS, and also support those who are still infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Masai women project
The project aims to enhance the status of Masai women in society through education and economic opportunities. You can also help in providing Masai women the opportunities that will improve their income generating activities.

Conservation project
This is an ideal project for nature lovers. You have the opportunity to work with poor Tanzanians to make them aware about the importance of forests. Your help and efforts can create a positive impact in the environment of Tanzania.