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Volunteer Work, plus two weeks Language course & Cultural Immersion


Why volunteer in South Africa:

volunteer in south africa

Choosing South Africa as a volunteer destination can make your vacations more meaningful. South Africa is a land rich in sunshine, blue skies, wildlife and game parks, long open beaches and a traditional African culture. It's a stunning location, truly spectacular. South Africa is known for its mystery and diversity in cultures & languages. A part of the country stunning beauty and beautiful landscapes, it has a very dark side. Million of unfortunate people are living in a miserable condition. It is very difficult to describe the living conditions here. Hygienic is a word that simply does not exist. AIDS and other diseases are destroying the lives on a daily basis. Due to poverty, people are deprived of their basic needs like good food, good water, good health, good education and good medication. The children are forced to work even in their tender ages. Therefore we at GVS are bringing forward a program to help these deprived people. You can also join the program to make this world a better place. This program connects you directly with the people's heart whilst exploring the exciting country. South Africans are very welcoming and are ready to show you their country's natural wonders, draw you into the rhythm and soul of Africa, give you close encounters with their regal wildlife and take you on an unforgettable journey through their ancient and recent past. While volunteering, you will be touched with the wide variety of fascinating cultures.

Current GVS programs in South Africa:

There are many volunteering programs hosted by us in South Africa. You can choose any of the following programs as per your level of comfort, preference and interest.

Only Volunteer Programs
Working in orphanages
If are you willing to help out disadvantaged children in South Africa by giving them your love, care and attention then this is the perfect project for you. It provides you the opportunity to give something back and experience something different.

Working with street children
Thousands of children in South Africa are living on streets and face violence and uncertainty. This project aims to prepare these neglected and forgotten children for a better life in the future and to integrate them more into society.

Working in Day Care Center in South Africa
This project is ideal for those who love interacting with young children and have passion to help them learn. Interacting with the children on daily and personal basis is both incredibly rewarding and enlightening.

Working with children with disabilities
In this project you have the opportunity to work with disabled children who need your help. These children can benefit tremendously from your loving care and attention. You will get an immense satisfaction while serving them as no joy can be equal to the joy of serving others.

Teaching English in South Africa
Here is an opportunity for you to teach students who are well behaved and extremely eager to learn English from you. Join this project and help young kids to build a bright future by developing their ability to write and speak in English.

Working at the local clinics & Hospitals
Give some much needed assistance to medical staff and get reward beyond measures. This project gives you the chance to make a positive impact on the health services in underprivileged areas of South Africa.

HIV/AIDS Education program
The main objective of this program is to create self-sufficiency and competency for children and families living with HIV/AIDS. This project gives you the opportunity to gain invaluable medical experience whilst making a difference to the people who need help.