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Volunteer in India

volunteer in india

Selecting India as your next destination for vacations will take you to a new world all together, because there is no end to the rich and varied cultural heritage along with the mesmerizing tourist spots. It is often said that the country gives magical spells to its tourists and visitors that they are bound to give it multiple visits. It is a wonderful land of all seasons, where beauty beckons, diversity delights, culture echoes and tradition talks. This legendary and famous place is unique in all aspects and is blessed with mist clad mountain ranges, deep blue seas, golden beaches, palm fringed backwaters, unique art forms, exciting fair and festivals, exclusive heritage sites, royal forts, majestic monuments, and exotic Flora and Fauna. The people here are very hospitable and treated their guests as god. Besides this, India is also home to Great Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Gateway of India, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Hawa Mahal, Red fort, and a lot of others tourist places in India are just waiting for you to come and explore all of them. For animal lovers, there are many national parks which have many kinds of wild life especially the Tigers, Leopard and Asian Lions. But despite all these tourist attractions and stunning landscape, India is a country where people are suffering a lot due to extreme poverty, lack of education, access to basic healthcare facilities and unemployment etc. We GVS are thus giving helping hand to these poor people by mobilizing our volunteers in 4 major cities of India i.e. Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, and Dharamshala/Palampur. By volunteering with us you will be assured that your efforts are part of a noble project and are focused towards improving the lives of poor and needy.

This will be a great opportunity to explore the beautiful country, experience the Indian culture by living with Indian family while gaining valuable work and travel experience. At the end of your project you will be much relax that you have seen one of the most beautiful country whilst serving poor people.

Choose Your Volunteer Location in India: Bangalore, Calcutta, Delhi & Jaipur and Palampur/Dharamshala
Volunteer in Delhi & Jaipur
Immerse yourself in the history and culture of India simply by choosing Delhi and Jaipur as your next volunteer destinations. We are giving you the most wonderful opportunity to explore the two very beautiful cities of India while doing a humanitarian work in your life. Thus your visit to Delhi and Jaipur will be the most rewarding and memorable holidays. You will be heartily welcome by local people.

Volunteer in Palampur/Dharamshala
Palampur/Dharamshala has everything for you that will make your stay more memorable and enjoyable. These two spectacular cities offer a number of attractive and interesting places for you that you will be bound to give it multiple visits. Our volunteer programs in Palampur/Dharamshala offers you an ideal opportunity to explore these two cities while improve the life of poor people at the same time.

Volunteer in Bangalore
Volunteering in Bangalore is especially designed for those who want to make a big difference in a short period of time. The time that you spend in Bangalore is not only beneficial for poor Bangaloreans but it can also make a positive change in your own life. Besides this, Bangalore is a place where you can find lots of places that are worth visiting and which can make your stay more pleasing.

Volunteer in Calcutta
Calcutta is an ideal place for charming vacations. Plan a volunteer tour with us and feel the lifestyle and culture of Calcutta in intimacy. When you volunteer here, you will find a number of renowned attractions worth visiting. All of these places are specimens of the rich and exciting culture and tradition of Calcutta. According to some people, Calcutta is mostly a place to be felt rather than just seen.