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Volunteer in Ecuador

volunteer in ecuador

Broaden your horizons and gain valuable experience by choosing Ecuador as your volunteer destination. Ecuador is one of the most amazing travel destinations among South America. With striking volcanic landscapes, beautiful nature, mega diverse ecosystem, dense rainforest, effervescent indigenous cultures, and well preserved colonial architecture, Ecuador offers a perfect destination for students, explorers and volunteers. Although people of Ecuador are very friendly and hostile but the increase in level of poverty, and lack of basic healthcare facilities left thousands of these people on the dead beds, and their children in the streets or in orphanages. Most of the children in the streets are living without having proper food, clothes, shelter or decent education. The poor Ecuadorians are even deprived of their basic needs. In such situations, the innocent people are looking for even a little support from others like you and us. Thus to support them and to give them helping hand we GVS have started our project along with national and international volunteers, and in association with local organizations and communities. We also request you to join our hands in our different social, cultural, educational and conservational projects. Just through your help, we can save the natural beauty of Ecuador, and can also eradicate extreme poverty that affects underprivileged sectors in Ecuador. Thus volunteering to Ecuador can be a fantastic way for you to do incredible things, see the fascinating country, learn Spanish, get valuable skills and experience the hostility and friendliness of Ecuadorians.

Current GVS programs in Ecuador

Following programs are hosted by GVS. You can choose any of them according to the level of your comfort zone.

Only Volunteer Programs
Working in orphanages
Come and get involved in our project to make a significant difference in the life of an orphan through your help, care and support. This can be simple for us but is very valuable to the children who need it.

Street children in Ecuador
This is one of the noble project in which you have the chance to spend your time with street children to share your love with them and give them the chance to rise from ashes and live their lives like normal children.

Teaching English in Rural and Urban Schools
Volunteer now and make a lasting and meaningful contribution by teaching English to the deprived community of Ecuador. It is an incredibly rewarding experience because you are making a positive difference in the lives of most needed children.

Working at local clinics and hospitals
The main aim of this project is to insure basic healthcare and to provide health education. Volunteer now and help to save the lives of many ordinary people in Ecuador while get the opportunity to work directly with local doctors and professionals to achieve valuable medical experience.

Reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Ecuador
No war on the earth is more destructive than the AIDS pandemic. Our project aims to diminish the spread of this deadly disease in Ecuador. We need your help and support in this noble project so that lives of thousands of people can be saved.

Veterinary/Animal care project in Ecuador
This program is ideal for those who love to work with animals, and want a real jungle experience in Ecuador. By joining this program you have the golden chance to learn more about wild life, local community and plenty more besides.

Nature conservation project in Ecuador
This is one of the wonderful and fascinating projects in which you are not only contributing in saving the environment but you also have the great chance to experience the nature at its best. Flexible, proactive, and enthusiastic participants will really enjoy this project.