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Volunteer in Brazil

volunteer in brazil

Choosing Brazil as a volunteer destination will give you a fantastic opportunity to experience a beautiful culture like never before, while giving a helping hand to the poor people of the country. Well, Brazil, the largest and most important country in Latin America, certainly has much more to offer that can make your tour a life lasting experience. The culture of Brazil is very diverse and has some of the most famous attractions for tourists from all over. Dotted with Beautiful sun-kissed beaches, lavish rainforests, natural wonders and a colorful, lively atmosphere, Brazil is a country that has all this and much more in store for you. However, despite the country’s many charms, amazing beauty and overwhelming nature, its people are struggling for life and there is a great need for humanitarian aid. The federal government has long ignored the rights of impoverished citizens and there are thousands of people living in extreme poverty and spends their time without water, electricity or plumbing. Having no access towards good education and healthcare resources, the poor Brazilians often find themselves in a negative cycle that is difficult to escape without outside help. Thus the role of volunteers is greatly needed and appreciated here. By volunteering with us, you will be giving the impoverished people a helping hand whilst exploring the beautiful country that is home to great soccer players, Amazon forest and fantastic beaches. Its people are very friendly and usually welcome their guests with a big smile.

Current GVS programs in Brazil

Following programs are hosted by GVS. You can choose any of them according to the level of your comfort zone.

Only Volunteer Programs
Working in orphanages
Working with orphaned children at orphanage is a truly rewarding and enriching experience. This program is ideal for those volunteers who love working with children and have a passion and desire to help a less fortunate group.

Street children in Brazil
This is one of the heart warming project which aims to give equal rights to the street children and to prepare them for a better life in future. The role of our volunteers can be a positive and a motivating factor in the lives of disadvantaged children.

Teaching English in Brazil
Our teaching program aims to provide English education to the deprived students of Brazil whilst giving you the opportunities to develop your English fluency, improve your pronunciation, immerse yourself into new culture and make new friends around the world.

Working at local health clinics or Hospitals
This program has been developed to help and support the poor people of Brazil with life threatening illness. By volunteering in this project, you have the opportunity to explore medical carriers and gain more work experience in medical field.

HIV or AIDS support program in Brazil
This program has been launched to help and support the HIV/AIDS affected people and their desperate families in Brazil. By participating in this project you will be doing a noble work while experiencing Brazilian lifestyle and the problems facing by local communities.