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Volunteer in Argentina

volunteer in argentina

Working abroad in Argentina is a great way for you to immerse yourself in the new culture and to make a positive contribution to the community. Argentina - the 8th largest country of the world is considered as the best-known volunteer destination. The dramatic scenery of Argentina, beautiful landscapes, landmarks, natural wonders, breathtaking sceneries and the beautiful culture of Argentinean people all combine to arouse a great desire of volunteers and travelers to visit this beautiful country. Our volunteer program allows you to visit the stunning landscape of Argentina and also to take part in meaningful community service. As Argentina is suffering from various types of problems which include poverty, inflation, lack of education and medical care etc, so in such conditions Argentinean people are looking for someone who can help them out from their present miserable situations. The aim of programs hosted by GVS is to bring positive developments in Argentina. We believe that the developments occurring with the help of our volunteers will be awesome. We are thus inviting more and more kindhearted volunteers to contribute in the development of poor people's life. Volunteer with us and see a broader view of the world, while discovering the people, sight, smells and tastes of Argentina. You also have the chance to come in direct contact with the locals, their convictions and beliefs, their struggles, their friendliness and their open mindedness.

Current GVS programs in Argentina

We are offering you various programs in Argentina. You can choose any of them that suit you more. These are:

Only Volunteer Programs
Care for disadvantaged children
This is one of the noble projects, you should definitely consider if you have passion and desire to help less fortunate children. You can make a life changing difference in their lives by providing them your love, care and time.

Care for children at a children's hospital
This project is really satisfying as you will be helping those who can't help themselves. By volunteering in this project you will be able to immerse yourself in the new culture while understanding some of the hardships in life.

Working with disabled children/adult
This is one of the most rewarding projects. It aims to help the most vulnerable group of Argentina. By volunteering in this project, you have the opportunity to share your time, love and care with disabled people, while immersing yourself into a new culture.

Teach English in Government or Private Schools
Teaching English to the poor children is the most rewarding experience as you are making a positive difference in the poorer community. This is one of the most wonderful opportunities for those who want to gain some teaching experience while serving the poor children.

Work with Local NGOS - Community development project
Help local NGOs in community development projects and get opportunity to learn more about Argentineans culture and their way of life. Your knowledge, skills and services can provide great benefit to disadvantaged people in the community.